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I just wanna know who did what, don’t want to inadvertently praise someone for something they are not responsible for making.

Does anyone else feel like this, or are my views archaic and obsolete?


Other portal for displaying digital art  -   Deviant Art

Awesome digital artists who make original artwork —  Meats Meier,  Android Jones, TONS of people on Deviant Art

I agree that a big problem for critique in this class has been the difficulty of trying to tell what students have or haven’t added to appropriated content. If a student makes a gif containing a loop of video from a film that the student did not make, and the student does nothing else to alter the content, the gif might be good art. However, the artists are the people who made the film, not the student.

Personally, I would rather take a digital art class with a focus on using skills developed in drawing and other art classes to create more original works of art using digital tools. Instead, this class seems to be oriented to cutting, pasting, and altering content from existing sources.

To be fair, I understand that this is a beginning digital art class. Most of the students don’t have experience with digital media tools, and practicing by using those tools on existing images probably is a good first step in learning to use the tools.

That can be frustrating if you’re already familiar with digital tools, but since you probably need this class in order to graduate or enter higher level classes, you might as well get the most out of it. The only reason why you want to do more than what this class requires is that you’re doing it for yourself. After you graduate, no one is going to care what your teacher or the students in this class thought about your gif project. The only things that are going to matter are what you made, what you learned from it, and how much money the school charged for pretending to help.

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